Programatically Load Data


I’m trying to look for resources on how I can say load Dataset to Dremio via some sort of a feed that update regularly. How is this achieved? I can’t seem to find a way to write this. I have check the REST api – I saw I can create a DataSet using a catalog. But what will I use to add data to this?

Thanks for any pointers.


Dremio is not an ETL tool or data generation product. You can use Dremio to query data on your lake like Hadoop/S3/ADLS/RDBMS/MongoDB etc. We can join across sources and create reflections to accelerate query execution speeds. We can also write back results of a query back to the lake as PARQUET files

Kindly let me know if you have any other questions


We have some files that is stored in some proprietary format and stored in a key/value store. Ideally I wanted this to be able to be queried by some sql ( these files contains report generated at x interval per day). I was hoping not to parse the files and load it to say a postgresqldb and have dremio access that. Is it possible if I have it transformed to csv and then have dremio read the csv files?