Promote file using Rest Api Always Promoting can only create physical datasets

I am using latest Dremo Version 3.1 ,I had used ADL as DataSource…I have upload .xlsx file to ADL,I want to create DataSet for this File using rest api,

I have used following Request:

URL: https://localhost:9047/api/v3/catalog/dremio%3A%2FAzureDataLake%2FDremio_Upload%2F"Test.xlsx"

Where dremio%3A%2FAzureDataLake%2FDremio_Upload%2F%22Test.xlsx%22
is Encoded URL for dremio:/AzureDataLake/Dremio_Upload/"Test.xlsx\ which i get using api/v3/catalog/by-path

Header: Authorization _dremiojdbnnk501se7qv4a5m29bdnk4k
ContaintType: application/json

Method Post

Request Body

“entityType”: “dataset”,
“id”: “dremio:/AzureDataLake/Dremio_Upload/“Test.xlsx””,
“path”: [
“format”: {
“type”: “XLS”

But i am always getting

“errorMessage”: “Something went wrong”,
“moreInfo”: “Promoting can only create physical datasets.”


You need to provide a type as described in the docs. So in this case you would want to add:


to your JSON body. We are working on improving our docs and I’ll add this as another task.

Thanks yes, it works