Pyarrow flight error: Could not finish writing before closing

I have this code t hat I’m using to execute queries in Dremio using pyarrow flight:

class DremioConnector:
    env: str
    auth_token: str

    def __init__(self, env: str,  auth_token: str):
        self.env = env
        self.auth_token = auth_token

    def get_dremio_client(self):
        dremio_url = get_url_from_template(DREMIO_URL, self.env)

        return FlightClient(f"grpc+tls://{dremio_url}:*****", tls_root_certs=get_cert(),
                            middleware=[DremioClientAuthMiddlewareFactory(), CookieMiddlewareFactory()], **{}, )

    def get_dremio_credentials(self):

        return username, password

    def __create_flight_call_options(self, username: str, password: str, client: FlightClient) -> FlightCallOptions:
        headers: list[Any] = []

        bearer_token = client.authenticate_basic_token(username, password, FlightCallOptions(headers=headers))
        return FlightCallOptions(headers=headers)

    def run_query(self, query: str, username: str, password: str, client: FlightClient) -> FlightStreamReader:
        flight_desc = FlightDescriptor.for_command(query)
        flight_info = client.get_flight_info(flight_desc, self.__create_flight_call_options(username, password, client))
        reader = client.do_get(flight_info.endpoints[0].ticket, self.__create_flight_call_options(username, password, client))
        return reader

connector = DremioConnector('env', "auth_token")

dremio_client = connector.get_dremio_client()

recently I’ve started getting this error:
E pyarrow._flight.FlightInternalError: Could not finish writing before closing

when calling

bearer_token = client.authenticate_basic_token(username, password, FlightCallOptions(headers=headers))

Does anyone know what might be the issue? I have no idea why this error started popping up, since it was working before. Am I doing something wrong here?