Pycharm data source

Hi -

Is it possible to set up a PyCharm datasource through either Arrow flight or (J)ODBC?

I tried various ways but no luck.

To be clear: Just sending a normal query works so its not the server.

Looked through the forums and couldn’t find a pointer but hoping I’m not the first one that comes across this.


@cklar Where is Dremio in this? Are you trying to connect to Dremio from PyCharm?

It is not a screen in Dremio but in PyCharm.

Yes that is correct.

Given that a lot of people are using PyCharm (and given that Arrow Flight mostly works in Python) I was hoping someone (incl. the Dremio team) went through the setup in the past.



  • Download JDBC driver from Download Dremio JDBC driver
  • In PyCharm, go to View -> Tool Windows -> Database
  • Hit the + button and choose Driver
  • In the window that opens, name the driver as Dremio Driver
  • Under Driver Files hit the + button, choose Custom JARs and add the JDBC driver you downloaded
  • In the Class, Select com.dremio.jdbc.Driver
  • Hit Create Data Source in the bottom
  • Name the Data Source as Dremio (or whatever you want), in Driver select Dremio Driver
  • Put in your User and Password
  • In the URL, put in jdbc:dremio:direct=<IP_OF_COORDINATOR>:31010

You should be able to connect now. For more JDBC options check out docs here

This is precisely what I needed - thanks so much!