Query error related

I tested Hi-Bench to Dremio but Query(Q15, Q19, Q21) did not work.
Does anyone know the way to solve the issue?

Hi @mikishin

when you say Q15, Q19 and Q21 did not work, did they error out? Would you be able to send us the job profiles?


Thank you for your support.
I have but the size are a little big.

Could you let me know to whom to send the data?

II have just uploaded the query profile/

Q15_fbd2b055-d33b-43f1-9a88-058018004755.zip (3.2 KB)
Q19_d19b9e00-b9f1-4647-803e-e6988c962058.zip (8.2 KB)
Q21_6e032d84-9b30-4113-a314-de6c06985530.zip (37.5 KB)

Hi @mikishin

I see that you are trying to run multiple queries at the same time. We currently do not support that.

Also we do not have a create view and drop view sql statements

Kindly let me know if you have any questions