Query Failing in Dremio but Working in Drill


I am facing the issue when connecting with the Dremio and Hadoop. Queries which are running correct in Drill is not running in Dremio.

Conditional Statement query in Dremio, example below in Hadoop-drill work and fail in Dremio:
CASE [conditionalvalue]=‘ABC’
WHEN [DoB] <= 4 then ‘1’
WHEN [DoB] <= 3 then ‘2’
WHEN [DoB] > 3 then ‘3’
ELSE ‘-’

Cannot apply ‘<=’ to arguments of type ’ <= '. Supported form(s): ‘<COMPARABLE_TYPE> <= <COMPARABLE_TYPE>’

Pardon me, but isn’t case-when syntax looks like this:

when a <= 4 then ‘1’
when a <= 3 then ‘2’
when a > 3 then ‘3’
else ‘-’
end as “something”
from table_x
where b = ‘ABC’


I have just put the condition from Tabluae sheet.
But the issue here is this condition is working in Drill but failing in Dremio.