Query was cancelled because it exceeded the memory limits set by the administrator

Receiving this error while refreshing a reflection … i
“Query was cancelled because it exceeded the memory limits set by the administrator”

I’m not aware of having set a memory limit for queries … which setting does this correlate to ?


Hi @stevenyk

This just means you do not have enough direct memory on your Dremio executors to run this query. On your Dremio executor do a ps -ef | grep Dremio and see how much direct memory is allocated. You might want to consider increasing that via the dremio-env file on all the executors


Could you elaborate on which variable are you referring to.
The default values for dremio-env file is:

The second variable, DREMIO_MAX_DIRECT_MEMORY_SIZE_MB=8192

Worth reading this from the docs: https://docs.dremio.com/deployment/dremio-config.html#recommended-memory-setup

Any pointers on what could be a good setting for a dataset (single table) of around 3TB?

How many executor nodes?

2 executors - m5d.4xl
2 coordinators - m5d.2xl

It really depends on the queries. Many join and aggregation operations require the dataset to fit in memory. You have 128GB RAM across the two executor nodes.

Have you looked at Data Reflections? This can significantly reduce the requisite memory for many query patterns.

I’m just trying out Dremio as of now. So all i’m trying to do is get a simple group by … by a couple of columns and a few sums and counts in the projections.
I tried creating a raw reflection, but even that job fails with the same memory limits error or gets cancelled with some memory / GC overhead / heap space issue.

You could try increasing the DIRECT setting to 54GB.

What is the data source?

s3 files (parquet format)


I am facing the same problem

I already increased the direct memory by increasing the node memory in the provisioning step
the DREMIO_MAX_DIRECT_MEMORY_SIZE_MB=12GB (instead of 8GB before)
and the node memory is passed to 24GB (instead of 16GB before )
but still have the error

is there a limit in the support keys to modify too ?


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