Query was NOT accelerated - Reflections Not Used


We are trying to run Dremio operations with a S3 dist storage and parquet files but whatever Reflections we enable, we always get the return “Reflections Not Used”. We can see the accelator files within the storage.
Even with Raw reflection, we get a “Raw Reflection (raw): considered, not matched.” message.

We are using Community Edition (23.1.0-202211250136090978-a79618c7).

We see the following WARNING in the logs:
2023-02-01 14:41:56,013 [e0 - 1c2585cb-867c-0fad-1173-a2169f3ced00:frag:0:0] WARN com.dremio.plugins.NessieClientImpl - Content from Nessie for key dremio.reflections./s3-dremio-dist-v3-37f08045-6a61-46ad-9f8a-9827c2305ca3/accelerator/1803fc26-bc7a-4158-931e-0861c9c3bc68/5063a3b4-1f4b-42bb-900c-63243b09ac03_0 return null

And those substitutions errors:

Please find attached a profile sample with the issue.
a12ad1f6-ea06-40d0-a5b6-4e4aa977d98d.zip (33,0 Ko)

Are we missing something with the Dremio configuration?

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Looks like you are hitting a known issue (affects only the Community edition) fixed in 23.1.2 or 24.0 (to be released very soon)


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Thank you @balaji.ramaswamy for your feedback.