Querying details


I am querying data in Dremio and I found that the time usage is not always the same. I am wondering does dremio store a file tells all the information of a query.

For example, I query data in Dremio from HDFS though odbc driver, I would want to know

  • time/space usage of reading data from HDFS,
  • time/space usage of establish a odbc connection
  • time/space usage of writing data into Dremio and ready for query
  • time/space usage of actual querying

I know there are a lot of information in job profile, But I didn’t find the info. that I am looking for.

Thank you.

Hello @carol,

The query profile will give you much of this information, though it takes some interpretation. To view it, go to the Job window, find your query. In the right pane their should be a tab for the profile.

If you have a particular query your’e interested in, you can share it here