Querying old jobs via REST


we are trying to monitor Dremios performance in production. Among the things we are interested in are the jobs in the system. Unfortunately, the official REST API does not seem to provide a listing of all (including completed, canceled etc.) jobs. Is there any way to get the IDs of all jobs or all jobs in a certain time range, so that we can use GET /job/... to get their status and run times? Additionally, it would be very helpful to get the details of the job as shown in the web interface.

Currently, via our API, there is not a way to get all job IDs from a certain time range. However, this is already available in the UI to filter by date. Additionally, the details of the job are already available in the API. Is there something particular it’s missing?

Hi Anthony,

thank you for your reply. We are looking for a way to list the job IDs via API, not the web browser, since the monitoring is intended to be done automatically.
Where would we find the details of a job? I have a sample output:
{‘jobState’: ‘COMPLETED’,
‘rowCount’: 8,
‘errorMessage’: ‘’,
‘startedAt’: ‘2019-01-09T16:36:34.246Z’,
‘endedAt’: ‘2019-01-09T16:36:34.311Z’,
‘queryType’: ‘REST’,
‘queueName’: ‘SMALL’,
‘queueId’: ‘SMALL’,
‘resourceSchedulingStartedAt’: ‘2019-01-09T16:36:34.294Z’,
‘resourceSchedulingEndedAt’: ‘2019-01-09T16:36:34.299Z’}
What we are missing are details from the web UI, i.e. time spent on reading/client/writing/projecting. Is this an enterprise feature?

Yes that is the correct output. The information you are looking for is not available via REST API today but we will make a note of it. It is not in enterprise either.