Querying the queries.json log file

We are trying to query the queries.json log file as a NAS connection within Dremio. We added a data lake NAS connection and pointed it to the directory where queries.json is located. We can see it as a physical data set. However, when we run (not preview) an SQL, there are 0 rows returned. The columns are there but there’s no data. We know that data is in the file because we can see it in the preview window of the data lake source. Our query looks like this: "select * from DremioLogFiles.“queries.json”

The Jobs page shows the query was successful but returns 0 rows and 0 bytes.

We are on Enterprise v15.7. What do we need to do to see data in this query?

@swm4 Is the queries.json from the coordinator and a non zero byte file?