Raw reflection not used when applying a simple filter

I’m very confused on how Dremio decides to use reflection.

I have a VDS with a raw acceleration, called sandbox.test_vds
when I run a

SELECT *FROM sandbox.test_vds

the acceleration is used :

However, when I filter it,
reflection is not used

eg when running

FROM sandbox.test_vds
where accountId=‘blablaba’
, the same reflection is not used, and finishes in error in planning phase

Any advise how i can ensure the query will use the reflection ?

query_with_filter_ec3851d2-5667-4d36-9230-9fd5755cc91b.zip (4.5 KB)
query_no_filter_fe132f4d-2331-49a6-908c-1b2b250547f9.zip (16.1 KB)


Dremio should most likely be using the reflection in that case, also concerning is that you are running into the 60 second planning error.

Could you provide some more information about the vds? What source(s) does it use, is it a join for example?

Hi @doron, the vds is based on multiple other vds, with multiple joins, and the sources are parquet datasets, Mysql tables, and MongoDB collection