Read Data from ElasticSearch 6.0

I can’t query my elastic index with elastic 6.0…
Any ideas :slight_smile:
DATA_READ ERROR: Failure executing Elastic request get next search result. Request: ScrollId DXF1ZXJ5QW5kRmV0Y2gBAAAAAAAAA0AWY0p0MWJIMzBSaC1fTEd6X2ZfZHJidw== Response Status 406 Response Reason Not Acceptable Response Body {“error”:“Content-Type header [text/plain] is not supported”,“status”:406} SqlOperatorImpl ELASTICSEARCH_SUB_SCAN Location 1:0:5 Fragment 1:0 [Error Id: 1817fec8-649d-477f-a339-9f5271ca8acf on localhost:31010] ( HTTP 406 Not Acceptable org.glassfish.jersey.client.JerseyInvocation.convertToException():1026 …

AND it works with elastic 5.6.
it must be a ‘Content-Type header [text/plain]’ error but i’ve no idea to solve it…

We were tracking this issue as part of 1.3.0 but unfortunately it didn’t make it in. This should either be in 1.4.0 or a bug fix release of 1.3.0.

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What is the ETA for this fix/release? thanks

Support for Elasticsearch 6.0 is now available in our latest release, Dremio 2.1. More details here.