Reflection creation failure

my dremio version is 19.0.0

I have build a reflection on certain parent dataset and it works properly in the past, but recently keep showing the below error:

AttemptManager 172.xx.xx.xx no longer active. Cancelling fragment 1c7beacc-acf3-acc6-5cb8-ffdbf3192c00:1:0

(seems the master node is not work but i find the memory usage is not quite pack, and the parent reflection was matched and ready for building the reflection)

many thanks in advance!!

@crazyisjen Are you able to send us the job profile for the failed job? (125.0 KB)


Did your coordinator go down?

Can you send me the logs from the coordinator?

  • All server.gc logs
  • server.log on the day this happened, if > 24 hours will be under 'log/archive
  • server.out