Reflection getting dropped automatically

We are using S3 as a source and have created a PDS and VDS using this.
The refresh policy is set to Never refresh and never expire. The PDS is refreshed using API.

The last reflection refresh happened on 21st Sept.

Today Oct 6, we noticed that the footprint of the reflection is 0 with the error message Reflection cannot accelerate & Reflection is configured to never refresh.

How can we find out why the Reflection was dropped ?


The reflection may not have been dropped but not created in the first place. Where you see Footprint 0B, to the right of it, we can see history, click on history and the profile will open. You will see 2 profiles,


If either #1 and/or #2 have failed then send us those profiles, if both jobs are successful then get us the server.log from the same day the job failed


Thank you. I will try to get these profiles or will monitor this and share the profile if it occurs again.