Reflection is not used

I have a set of reflections created on tables in SQL Server database.
Reflection’s update and expiration are switched off on data source level and data set level.
Right after manual refresh everything is working fine but some time later Dremio stops to use reflection and issues query directly to db.
In the plan I can see : “considered, matched, not chosen”
How can I check the status of reflection?
What else can invalidate reflation?


What version of Dremio is this?



We have fixed a similar issue in 4.0.x, can you please upgrade to 4.0.5 and validate. If still an issue we will look into it


After upgrade this part id working fine but currently I have another issue with JDBC predicate push down.
I will create another question.

in some cases when join has many conditions and probably it also related to Boolean type I still can see

warning like that:
Failure while attempting substitution, skipping materialization b50e3fb6-4ab2-45c5-ab90-688d13464a1d
******* (raw): considered, matched, not chosen

I will try to crate a view with type casting