Reflection Refresh - at a set time.. why not?

While I appreciate the setting of refreshing every x hours, sometimes we need the data to be static during the working day.

For that reason, I had hoped that we may have the option to refresh incremental reflections at a set time - say 6am in a morning.

As Dremio doesn’t seem to have this option in the UI s there a workaround?


Actually, can I suggest an enhancement?

For example, if files come into the lake from multiple sources scattered over the period from midnight to 6am, it would be useful to be able to define my refresh as

1hr Hour interval, between the times of x and y

Perhaps even to say refresh should kick off between those times at z minutes past the hour…

As I stated in my original post above, while I want the data to be refreshed, I wouldn’t necessarily want the data to changing throughout the day in Dremio…


Can you try disabling reflection refresh via the UI and call it via the API, remember to refresh metadata first using the ALTER PDS command

Refresh Metadata
Refresh Reflections

Thank you very much!