Reflection Run Failure - SYSTEM ERROR

Hi Team,

We are using Dremio community edition and recently upgraded to 18.0. Unfortunately after the upgrade or don’t know the exact reason, the reflections are getting failed with error as below.

SYSTEM ERROR: UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = 'Unknown format (pdfs) conversion for path /opt/dremio/data/pdfs/accelerator/634110a4-8efe-4a7d-abc6-4985f671b001/0a6791cc-7ba1-4819-b4eb-cbc124d7903f_0/metadata/86917b21-413d-428a-8448-963334ca2142.avro Error Message : No File System scheme matches'type or paste code here

But we could able that reflection are working fine in Dremio CE 17.x version.

Kindly help us to resolve this issue at the earliest.

Uploading profile for reference.

Sathish (25.2 KB)

@balaji.ramaswamy @doron

Hi Balaji/Doran,

Can you please help on the mentioned error.

Sathish R

Hi All,

We have fixed the issue by reinstalling the Dremio Cluster.

Sathish R

@sathhishcse From the error message it seems like in dremio.conf the pdfs:/// was misconfigured, reinstalling might have put it back to the default

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy ,

Yes, after reinstalling Dremio cluster the issue got resolved.

Thank You!