Reflections are same as materialized views?

Hello Experts,

Is refection same as materialized views of say Snowflakes, where it also stores pre-computed data.
So, refection will/can dupes data, but saves compute/processing time?


Hi @malhotramanishnk you are right

Here you can find some useful links:




thanks Fragre for the pointers.

@fragre Is data reflection the same as a materialized view? What is the difference between data reflection and materialized view? Why don’t Dremio uses materialized views?

@fragre I have another question, data reflection is very similar to Kylin cube? Is it the same? Thanks. Good luck.

@huleilei Materialized views in Oracle have a similar concept. In Dremio reflections you can create them on a subset of data, create partitions, sort data (on raw reflections), if your queries are aggregate queries then we can create aggregate reflection so we do not aggregate during run time