Reflections Stop Accidently

Even I have configured my reflections, the stop suddenly and disable the reflection option.
Here is the reflection jobs result


Are you saying, your queries are not getting accelerated?

Here is the sequence

  1. I configured some physical data by datasets, let’s name them s1, s2, to have raw reflection.

  2. Everything goes very well and the reflection works fine.

  3. After few days, I rechecked the reflection configuration. But somehow they were disabled.

  4. I checked the jobs history, then I got the shared screen shot.


What are the reflection refresh settings on these reflections?

refresh every 1 day and never expire

Any update on this? Really that affect my work. Let me know if you need extra info.


When the reflections get disabled, before you enable them, send us

#1 server.log from the coordinator
#2 JSON download of sys.reflections, sys.materializations, sys.refreshes

here is the requested files

(Attachment materializations.json is missing)

(Attachment refreshes.json is missing)

(Attachment reflections.json is missing)

here is the requested files (10.9 KB)


Are you talking about the below 3 datasets on which Aggregate reflections are built on?


The reflections on other datasets look good

For now that’s what is clear enough. But accidentally the other datasets behave the same way after a while.

I think the attached profile could be helpful. After the failure of the related job, all raw reflections on the physical data sources, accidentally, were disabled. (6.71 KB)