Refresh policy option is missing

does this feature is only on enterprise edition?
because I don’t have it.


Hello @itamar,

Which refresh policy are you referring to?


after setting a reflection, I don’t have / or I can’t find where to schedule it.
incremental or all data.
I saw that in the menu there is a “Refresh policy” and I don’t have it


Hello @itamar, you would select “Incremental update based on new files”. Then, when the refresh interval is reached (after and 1 hour in this example), Dremio will update the reflection materialization with only data from those new files, rather than rebuilding the entire reflection.


But the source is PostgreSQL not files,

Also, where can I set the one hour if it where files?


@itamar, go to the physical dataset (not the source, but an individual table) that you are basing your reflections on. Click the cogwheel icon and go to “Reflection Refresh”. The incremental update option should be there.

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