Release notes 15.7 link

I think there’s an issue in the link for the latest release:
15.7.0 Release Notes (Dremio June 2021)

The link should looks for 157 instead of 156.

I look forward the July release :slightly_smiling_face:

@YEN Try Dremio

15.6 no longer exists

@balaji.ramaswamy duly noted, but on the release list page:
The 157 is an hyperlink to the 156, which no longer exist, ending in a 404 error. If you have rights to do it, just amend the link to the existing one and it will be fine :wink:

Sorry @YEN, still do not follow, the link you gave at the start of the post points to 15.6 which has been removed

@balaji.ramaswamy : Please go to Dremio
And click on the first link.
You’ll end up in a 404 because the link is not the good one

Got it @YEN Thanks, have reported to the docs team