Renaming Virtual Dataset causes issues when trying to edit SQL

After renaming a virtual data set, i get an issue when trying to view the SQL code - it looks like the old name is baked into the version history.

dataset “[Folder]”.[OLD NAME] version 0002503999415957 at [/dataset/"[Folder]".[OLD_NAME]/version/0002503999415957] not found

I believe this is the same issue as:

We are on version 4.1.0. Does anyone know when this issue will be resolved?

Are you hitting this error in the current version too?

Yes. we just tested on Dremio 4.3.1. Issue still exists

Can you provide reproduction steps please.

We just applied update 4.3.1. This issue has been resolved. There are now two options…Make a copy or Rename. I was hoping the renaming process would update the dependent datasets with the new name…It does not. In summary, renaming disconnects (invalidate) all dependent datasets.

Prior to the fix, renaming the VDS made the VDS invalid