Replacing old master node and dremio UI will not start

I am replacing an old master node that was used for testing with a bigger server to be the new master node fro Dremio. The issue that I am running into now is that I can’t get dremio start up. The last few lines in server.log that I am receiving is:
2018-12-14 08:18:07,281 [main] INFO c.d.s.coordinator.zk.ZKClusterClient - Starting ZKClusterClient
2018-12-14 08:18:07,309 [Curator-ConnectionStateManager-0] INFO c.d.s.coordinator.zk.ZKClusterClient - ZK connection state changed to CONNECTED
2018-12-14 08:18:07,443 [main] INFO c.d.s.c.zk.ZKClusterCoordinator - ZKClusterCoordination is up
2018-12-14 08:18:07,443 [main] INFO c.d.d.s.exec.MasterElectionService - Starting MasterElectionService
2018-12-14 08:18:12,450 [main] INFO c.d.d.s.exec.MasterElectionService - Waiting until being elected as master node

What am I missing? I stopped the old dremio instance and cleaned out the hdfs directory that dremio was using.

I found that even though I removed all files on the old server and stopped Dremio service, there was a pid still running for dremio (ps -ef | grep dremio). Once I killed that pid, my new instance successfully runs after a restart.

Hi @seth.wilhoite,

Glad you figured it out. Always after a start or stop, good idea to do a ps -ef | grep dremio to make sure the previous instance is down


Another option (only if you are using an external ZK) is you can specify a new path -

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