Resource Error when connecting dremio to Alteryx

Error: Input Data (1): Error SQLExecute: [Dremio][Connector] (1040) Dremio failed to execute the query: SELECT * FROM "Platform_Reporting"."PlatformActivity" limit 1000
[30039]Query execution error. Details:[ 
RESOURCE ERROR: Query cancelled by Workload Manager. Query enqueued time of 300.00 seconds exceeded for 'High Cost User Queries' queue.

[Error Id: 3a1e1bb0-18b7-44c0-965a-6933a156ab70 ]


I’m facing this error when trying to connect to dremio from Alteryx - any advice on how to fix this is appreciated!


Query seems to be in queue for > 300s, are there number of queries that running at the same time? Can you run the same query via the UI and see what happens?

I got a response from Alteryx that I need to connect with a Dremio admin.

Link from email:

@mishal Have you checked if same query runs from UI?