RocksDBException occuered when execute com.dremio.dac.cmd.Clean#go method

I use a tool to execute com.dremio.dac.cmd.Clean#go , try to clean up the job profile in my local dremio,but this exception occurred.It seems like some other proccess block RocksDB.But I dont know how to fix It.What should I do?


@ChickenSoup76 Is Dremio up and running? Also you can just add the below support key and set how many days you want job history,


Other option is to shutdown Dremio and run the below command

bin/dremio-admin clean -j 10

The above command will clean job > 10 days but only once, default will still be 30 so the support key option a permanent change

@balaji.ramaswamy Oh,thank you.It helps a lot. I already fix my problem.As you say,Dremio is up and running when I execute those code, It cause the RocksDBException. I have one last question,Is that the support key only effective in the cluster mode ? I try to modify jobs.max.age_in_days as 7 on my Dremio running in single mode , It seems like not work.


@ChickenSoup76 Should work on a single node, it will start to clean up in the background so may take a while versus the offline clean up is instant