Runtime error at Nessie table creation in dbt-dremio

I get this error when I try creating a table in Nessie via dbt–> “Runtime Error in model places (models/raw/places.sql)
ERROR: A non-view table with given name [Nessie.test.places] already exists in schema [Nessie.test]”

Surprisingly, the table does get created in Nessie, but as an outcome of this error the subsequent model runs are skipped causing a failure in dbt run

I have used on_run_start config to drop table if exist and it doesn’t make any difference. I have added a snap of dremio table, config in code and dbt_project.yml for reference.

Dremio version: 25.0
dbt-dremio version: 1.7.0

@AlexMerced can you please help!

@Ragul Can you please query information_schema."tables" and see if this table has an entry there?

Yes, it does have an entry in the information_schema.“tables”