Same Query with Arrow Flight driver yield different result from JDBC driver

We found an anomaly where the same query to the same server yields different result.
The dataset is very small only 4 rows with 2 column, and we make sure there is no reflection.
Query the result in web UI and it is correct. Query over Arrow Flight driver yield older copy of the data, while the JDBC driver yield correct result as and it is the same as web UI.
We checked both query was captured on the jobs page.
Query is simple and straight forward

SELECT * FROM spsDataset.t_timestamp

Both result screenshot and query profile attached. (21.6 KB)

Any suggestion on why this happened and how to avoid this ?
Thank you in advance to anybody that can help.

Just to add to the weirdness. Today we revisit the same query to the sample data.
The Arrow Flight driver data was updated by 1 day time is just about the same. so evidently there is a pattern that the data is cached at certain time. But on the other hand, JDBC driver yield the correct result we wanted.
Please advice how to use Arrow Flight but yield correct result.

Thank you

@murinata, welcome to the Dremio Community!

This looks more like a client timezone issue than a cache thing. Could you set the timezone to UTC (or whichever timezone you prefer) in the dbeaver driver properties?

Edit Connection → Connection Settings → Driver Properties → TIME_ZONE

Thank you for the solution. We can confirm that it works after we add &TIME_ZONE=UTC property after on the JDBC’s URL of the ArrowFlight connection setting.
Just curious because initially we didn’t set Time Zone on both connections, but the old JDBC’s seems to default on UTC, but the new Arrow Flight JDBC default is different.

Thank you very much