Scalability in creating reflections

Creating Reflections Not Performed Distributed on Nodes. Is this behavior normal?

@alex_lopes You mean the materialization files are heavily concentrated on one or couple of nodes and other nodes not hosting at all or less ?

Is this is a PDFS ? or HDFS ?


I refer at the time of the creation of the reflection. When I see the execution plan I never see two or more executor clusters working on creating a reflection always one node. I’m working with one coordinator node and four executors with Deploy at Azure. Is this processing to be distributed among clusters?

@alex_lopes, Dremio will fully parallelize execution for many operations. Can you share a profile for one of the REFLECTION REFRESH jobs that you think isn’t using the full width of your cluster?

As you can see in the image, the reflection creation process is using only one node… I Have four nodes…

@alex_lopes, can you attach the profile, I’d like to take a look: (15,7,KB)

Thanks @ben

@alex_lopes, because the source is against a single table (no joins) in a RDBMS (Oracle, in this case), the read will be single threaded and subsequent operations will be single threaded. If you were reading from files on a filesystem source, your would see parallelization.

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@ben Makes sense! Thank you for the informations!