schema/Tables are getting lost at dremio from HIVE data source

Hello Team,

I have dremio standalone cluster and added HIVE as data source, but I came accross strange behavior of dremio metadata. Some of hive schema/tables are missing at dremio.

To fetch it back I need to manually restart the dremio services,
Could you please suggest if there is any query to fetch schema or table from source.

I am not using any reflection for this source, also I configured the Metadata refresh property as below -

Dataset Discovery :
Fetch every 1 min

Dataset Details :
Fetch mode - All Datasets (Deprecated)
Fetch Every - 1 Minutes
Expire after - 20 Days

Authorization :
Expire after 1 week

Please provide help me.


Is it possible the missing Hive objects are Hive views? We currently do not support Hive views. If they are not Hive views, please send us the output of "describe formatted <hive_table> " from Beeline or Hive shell