Showing columns in Datasets widget of query view

In query view, when showing the datasets there is no column list. This means that once a user has removed a column from the column list (e.g. when using “Edit Original SQL” on a virtual dataset), it’s basically necessary to open a new window, navigate to the dataset to see its columns, then copy and paste the column name back into the original query.
It would be much easier if the columns appeared as another level of list under the datasets listed in the
“Datasets” list.
Is this feature under consideration?



Hello @eellsworth

Have you checked Datasets–>Browse–> Click ‘i’ icon before the dataset to see the column names?

You can directly drag and drop the column names to the sql editor.


Thank you!!! Working now!

I did not see the ‘i’ icon because for some reason it renders on top of the dataset icon (see below - Firefox 77.0.1 (64-bit)).