Simple filter failed with "not in" operator


I just want to filter some date stored with string with some complex request which certain are accelerated and some are prepared in my view with with clause and i encounter an execution error while attempting to use “not in”. 1st time it happens.

refpatr_prec_prefin2 as (
select r3.* from refpatr_prec_prefin1 r3
select r2.* from refpatr_prec_oqp r2 where r2.dtearrc not in (select distinct r1.dtearrc from refpatr_prec_prefin1 r1 where r1.noug=r2.noug)

In this section i want for the 2nd part of union to get only records which don’t have been gotten with the same date in order to filter duplicate records. But it fails with org.apache.calcite.rel.logical.LogicalFilter cannot be cast to org.apache.calcite.rel.core.Join.

What do u suggest?

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I’ve found 2 other subject with similar error in forum but it seems that there’s no solution since. I’m with Dremio free 20.1.0.


can you try with last version?

@dacopan @The_Yab974 Seems to be still an open bug, let me verify and come back here


As it’s happening on a production environnement so I need to plan the upgrade test in order to check if it can fix the issue.

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