Slowly Changing Dimensions

How does Dremio cater for slowly changing dimensions and record history? Or is it a case that we still need to siphon off that relevant information off our OLTP into a DW (and point Dremio at the DW) in order to analyse these changes?

Also, does anyone know if Dremio can make use of data in temporal tables in SQL 2016?

@scrawny Dremio doesn’t focus on record history or storing data beyond the purposes of reflections, which are used behind the scenes to accelerate workloads. So keeping a record of slowly changing dimensions externally makes sense.

Also, Dremio does not expose and allow querying temporary tables in SQLServer. Are these records that you cannot write into a regular table? Would be good to understand the use-case.

I think he means temporal tables, not temp tables. This is a new feature in SQL Server 2016 among other DBMS to support bi-temporal workloads.

I don’t think Calcite supports these newer SQL operators at this time: