Soundex or pattern matching

I don’t see SOUNDEX or similar function on the list. Is there a way to match on two columns based on patterns. For example , I like to match two columns from two different tables if the names are similar or has familiarity . I tried to do WHERE like , dremio didn’t like that.
Wish dremio can do fuzzy matching natively. Anyone do fuzzy matching in dremio ?

Something like this?

SELECT SOUNDEX('Sherman'), SOUNDEX ('Scherman');

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exactly that !! The soundex function is not listed and not sure why I didn’t think of just testing it.
Need more coffee !! Thanks Lenoy !

However its interesting how the results differ when trying the same on Dremio and MySQL .
I tried a join with
where soundex(upper( = soundex(upper( on both dremio and mysql and the results where very different . Dremio was lot more “loose” in its matches - wrong matches

Is there a way I can find a list of all fuzzy match functions and how to “tighten” the matches

@rajupillai could you give an example of a string where it is different?