Source build failure

Maven build fails with latest code checked out with error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project dremio-sabot-logical: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.dremio.sabot:dremio-sabot-logical:jar:24.0.0-202302100528110223-3a169b7c: Could not find artifact org.apache.calcite:calcite-core:jar:1.16.0-202212291946520071-31c33937 in central

Tried to build with both oss-only as true and false

mvn clean install -DskipTests -Ddremio.oss-only=true

Hey there–

I have a couple of follow up ideas for you to maybe resolve this. When I see errors like this, I assume one of two things are happening. My guess is that there is a network issue that is preventing you from hitting the repo where this is stored OR you have some override in your /.m2/settings.xml that is overriding the use of the mirror the oss build is meant to use.

Can you try running a wget from your machine?


If this doesn’t work, this suggests that the issue is somewhere in your network.

If this does work, I’d double check your settings.xml and see if there are any mirrors set there that are forcing your build to try and use the central maven repository. This jar is made by dremio and is not published to mavens central repo–that is why we have

Please let us know if this helps you start to solve your problem. Note: Our repositories are not listable so you won’t be able to browse through the site.