Sql GROUP_CONCAT equivalent function in DREMIO?


In one of our dashboards, we use ‘group_concat’ function in Impala to concat distinct strings with group by, but it doesn’t work in Dremio.
Can someone help if there is any group_concat similar function available in Dremio?

Below is how group_concat in Impala works:
ID FullName

(1, ‘Matt’),
(1, ‘Rocks’),
(2, ‘Stylus’),
(3, ‘Foo’),
(3, ‘Bar’),
(3, ‘Baz’)

ID FullName

1 Matt, Rocks
2 Stylus
3 Bar, Baz, Foo


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@Akuqk Currently no, there is an open enhancement request to add this function but currently no ETA

Ok. Thanks for the response.