Sql GROUP_CONCAT equivalent function in DREMIO?


In one of our dashboards, we use ‘group_concat’ function in Impala to concat distinct strings with group by, but it doesn’t work in Dremio.
Can someone help if there is any group_concat similar function available in Dremio?

Below is how group_concat in Impala works:
ID FullName

(1, ‘Matt’),
(1, ‘Rocks’),
(2, ‘Stylus’),
(3, ‘Foo’),
(3, ‘Bar’),
(3, ‘Baz’)

ID FullName

1 Matt, Rocks
2 Stylus
3 Bar, Baz, Foo


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@Akuqk Currently no, there is an open enhancement request to add this function but currently no ETA

Ok. Thanks for the response.

you can define this agg function by your self。
AggStringConcatOp.zip (1.1 KB)

Thanks for this!
Does this require building Dremio from source?
Or is there some way to drop a compiled Java object into an existing Dremio instance?

@junphine How to use this function?