SQL Server Windows Authentication

I’m using the Dremio Community Edition to perform a POC. Build 1.1.0-201708121825170680-436784e

There does not seem to be a way to use Windows Authentication to connect to SQL Server. Am I missing something, or is SQL Auth the only type of authentication supported?

Hi @yohanyoung,

Currently only SQL authentication is supported for the SQL Server connector.

Thanks, @jduong. We can get by without integrated security.

To clarify, is the “SQL Server connector” something that comes with the Enterprise Edition only? (https://www.dremio.com/enterprise-edition/)

Hi @jprins,

When you say “SQL Server connector” , do you want to add SQL server as a data source through the Dremio UI. That is available in the community edition

See attached screen shot



I was quoting the other poster (the one that replied to the OP):

I do not know what he meant by “SQL Server connector”.

The reason I ask is because I had the same question/problem as the OP. That is, the community version of Dremio does not appear to support Windows Authentication to connect to MSSQL. I was under the impression that feature is only for the Enterprise Edition.

Yes, a person can connect to Microsoft SQL, but it doesn’t appear to support Windows Auth (community edition).


Hi @jprins,

The Windows authentication currently not supported also applies to Enterprise Edition. We are currently having this discussion internally on including this on our roadmap slated for sometime next year.

Kindly let me know if you have any other questions,


Can dremio connect with MSSQL server with Active directory authentication?

@sajeev_ramakrishnan This is not supported today but is something we are actively tracking for the future

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , @anthony,

When you talk about AD Authentication for SQL Server, would this mean user impersonation for queries against SQL Server, i.e. respecting a users permissions as set on SQL Server?

Is there any update on where this sits on the Roadmap?


Hi Spencer,

We don’t have imminent plans to add impersonation (aside from Hadoop, which we already support). This could change based on user interest, however.

One nuance here is that impersonation wouldn’t work with data reflections, which would limit the usefulness of a key feature of Dremio.

In Enterprise Edition we deal with this through support of row and column-level access control available in virtual datasets. This provides a uniform way to control access independent of the proprietary implementations (or lack thereof) within each of the sources we support.

Thanks kelly, that makes perfect sense with the downside of impersonation and reflections. I’m hoping to be able to implement the Enterprise version, so I’ll keep this in mind.