Stop / Start workers from API / shell command

Sometimes, due to various housekeeping tasks,
we need to stop our dremio instance correctly.

I’m looking for a correct procedure here.
From what I understood, I need to:

My system is in YARN Deployment mode

  • stop workers
  • stop dremio from systemd unit
  • always check log files for any kind of issues
  • start dremio by systemd
  • start workers and wait for workers provisioning

My question is: Is there an API Call or shell command to change workers status? [ stop / start]

Also I like to open a think-thank discussion about how to control and monitor this kind of infrastructure to prevent errors and stale situation.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @0iras0r

I would suggest the below order for clean maintenance.

  1. Stop the YARN provisioning
  2. Shut down all Dremio executor
  3. Shut down Dremio coordinator nodes
  4. Do housekeeping/maintenance
  5. Start Dremio coordinators
  6. Start Dremio Executors
  7. Start YARN provisioning.


Hi @Venugopal_Menda!

Thank you for your fast reply and completeness of it.
Do you also know how to perform 2 and 6 by API or dremio-admin or other shell commands?

Best Regards

Hello @0iras0r,

Currently, item’s (2) “Shut down all Dremio executor” and (6) “Start Dremio Executors” can only be done through YARN provisioning window of the Dremio UI. You could go to each host with a Dremio executor running, find the process id for each executor and kill those containers, but this is not advised.