Stored date exporting/downloading

Question: While I export/download csv file with stored date in 2023 - 02 - 17 format, I am getting date with 2023 - 02 -17T00:00 format csv file. How do fix this issue, please? When I run the query on dremio, I see stored date in yyyy - mm - dd format which is my preferred format.



Hello @Mamush

Greetings! I tried to repro the same in my Dremio Cloud environment however, I could get the date format as YYYY-MM-DD when I exported the results as csv file. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Could you please confirm if you are using Dremio Cloud or Dremio Software?


Hi @Mamush
I was able to reproduce the same behavior.

If you use SELECT to_char(pickup_datetime,'YYYY-MM-DD') in your VDS definition, then the date in the exported csv file is in the correct format.

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