Suggestion: Deb, releases and Documentation

I suggest having a .deb version to download, or at least a better documentation on manual tarball install and Ubuntu install.

The Quickstart documentation tab is also kinda lacking.

Also, I don’t like going to the cryptic html directory you guys have for older version downloads. It is REALLY way too hard to find. Would be nicer to have links to the older versions readily available somewhere near the deploy tab.

That last one also applies to the yum package manager repositories, the dremio-<version>.rpm gives no insight as to what versions are available.

Except all that, I love the things dremio provides and your support : ).

Thanks for the suggestions @tonio,

We’re currently doing some work on the downloads page, so it should return to its more user-friendly form shortly.

While we don’t have a deb package, you can use alien to convert the rpm.

Alien gave a lot of problems with paths and usergroups, I tried but it wouldn’t install fully.