Support redshift list_agg

Would be great if there was a way to support list_agg from redshift. For example:

listagg(u.first_name || ’ ’ || u.last_name, ', ')
within GROUP (ORDER BY u.last_name ASC, u.first_name ASC, ASC)

Perhaps this could be externalized as a secret function that gets passed directly to the datastore. So:

{hardcoded_function: listagg... returns varchar(256) } this way the query parser wouldn’t have to support every goofball feature of everything everywhere.

This might give us group_concat as well.



Any luck with List_agg? I am also looking for such function similar to Oracle’s Listagg.




Hey Rick,
Did you guys ever workout a workaround the ListAgg function ? Thanks.

Hi folks. I’m not aware of any workarounds, but this is something we can look into as an enhancement in a later release.

I am looking for this feature, was there any enhancements put in since then?

we could have a portal here to upvote desired features, as we have it for Power BI: