Tableau Extracts vs Dremio Reflections

Hi , I am trying to understand how a Dremio reflection can help in speeding up the Tableau reporting. Currently we rely on daily Incremental refresh or full refresh of the extracts on the tableau server for reporting. would the reflections need to be refreshed similar to Tableau extracts?
Tableau extracts take a long time when refreshed, how better would be Dremio reflections? do we have options of Incremental refresh vs full refresh of reflections?

Yes, Dremio can act as an alternative to extracts for Tableau and any other supported client application. A common use case is to replace extracts with Dremio, and sometimes that requires data reflections, other times it does not.

Data reflections can be updated incrementally depending on the source.

Dremio is an open source, scale out architecture. You can add nodes to increase the speed of data reflection builds as well as handling greater query concurrency.

You can try this tutorial to learn more:

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