Timetravel - slowly changing

Hi, can i use the timetravel in order to understand the column level changes? Consider i have a name column and i update the values. By using timetravel i can query historic data . But can i get all the cnhanges for the name column by using sql?

@tolgaevren Looking for something like this?


Hi Balaji,
This is fine but not what i am looking for. Consider a customer table and its address column.
Lets say that the address column is changed multiple times during the time.
For each change iceberg has a history and i can query each change by using timetravel as long as i give the time parameter. Now if i want to see all the changes in this address field , ( lets say i dont know how many histories i have) is it possible to get all the address changes ? ( i can write a query combining all the histories, comparing the address fileds etc , i wonder if there is an easy way )

@tolgaevren Let me check and get back to you

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might use table.history to retrieve the list of snapshots, then do VERSION AS OF or TIMESTAMP AS OF queries

for dremio that would be

SELECT * FROM TABLE( table_history('full.table/path') and then SELECT ... AT SNAPSHOT 'id'  or SELECT ... AT TIMESTAMP