Transient loss of S3 connectivity - NoSuchElementException: No value present

Hi there! I’ve noticed a transient issue when building reflections based on S3 data. I have reflections based on S3 sources, refreshing every two hours. At 5PM CET reflection refresh fails, after three attempts it stops trying. So in the morning (9AM CET) I manually restart reflections which then refresh normally until 5PM CET. The error is shown on the screenshot below. I conveyed this to Dremio Cloud team, but I figured it might be worth sharing it here as well.

Attaching a screenshot.

I don’t think this is the same as what I’ve experienced before, but attaching this for reference: Lost access to S3 - StatusRuntimeException: INTERNAL

Hello @klemens, thanks for creating this thread. We also have a chat opened regarding the same issue and I’ve responded back to you over there. This seems to be a different issue than the one which happened earlier. We will investigate and get back to you.

Sounds good, thank you.