Translate function is buggy?

Below case TRANSLATE() performs as expected.
SELECT TRANSLATE(‘àáâèéêíìîúùûóòô123aeiou’,‘àáâèéêíìîúùûóòô’,‘aaaeeeiiiuuuooo’);
→ aaaeeeiiiuuuooo123aeiou

Below case TRANSLATE() produces an error.

→ CompileException: Line 57, Column 106: A method named “getStringFromVarCharHolder” is not declared in any enclosing class nor any supertype, nor through a static import

Hello Borasy,

Welcome to Dremio community, I did tried the 1st Query and Yes it is giving the expected Results.
For the second one could you please help me more on the nature of the table “VW_CARD_TRANSACTION”, could you help me with the table DDL and some sample data if possible.

Also Please let us know the exact Dremio Version you are using?

Kartik Nadar