Turn off all reflections on all VDS


I’m looking for a way to turn off all reflections on all VDS via any command or query. Right now I need to turn off all and turn back on all reflections on all VDS. And going one by one through the UI is quite tedious.

Thanks in advance.

@borasy Turning off the reflections by disabling and enabling the reflection actually drops and recreates them and thereby losing all history of jobs. Any reason you have to turn them of and turn them on again?

After upgrading from v19 to v22.1, most of my reflections become unworkable, that’s why I needed to turn off and on all reflections.

@borasy What is the error it failed with?

it just says Fail to refresh reflections. But the history doesn’t show the fail job.

It also faces with IndexWriter closed error, which i need to restart dremio to fix. After that, the reflections have problem as above mentioned.

@borasy When this issue happens and before you restart Dremio, send the server.log

I do not have this issue again after issuing below command:
/bin/dremio-admin clean -i

Starting in release 18, there is “self-healing” logic when the reflection query plans needs to be upgraded between releases. This is controlled by the support key reflection.manager.auto_plan_rebuild which is on by default. I would have to see your startup server the log to see what the actual problem you ran into was. I suspect something else was at play here such as a change in the distributed storage location or a source being unavailable?