Unable to add Hive to DS

Hi Team,

I am working on connecting Hive with Dremio but it fails with ‘Failure connecting to source: Got exception: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException null’.

Attached are server.log
server.zip (2.0 KB)

Any insight will be helpful. Thanks

Hi @Monika_Goel

Is the Namenode on HA?
Is this a Keberized Hive cluster?
Also are you able to connect to Hive CLI from the Dremio coordinator?


@balaji.ramaswamy I am able to view hive db’s and tables in catalog but when I try to fetch data from any table then get ‘get_table failed: out of sequence response’ error. Also Is there a way to connect to a particular Hive db only, used ‘databaseName’ property in Connection Properties. Still dremio tries to connect with all db’s.

Hi @Monika_Goel

Right now we cannot connect to a particular DB. That’s an interesting ask and will look into it. For the “get_table failed: out of sequence response”, is there anything more verbose on the Dremio server.log or the Hive Metastore log?


@balaji.ramaswamy Thanks for your reply. Didn’t find much information in server.log.
Logs attached for your reference.

log.zip (1.4 KB)

It will be good if we can connect to particular dataBase in Hive as in practical scenario there might be chances when we have access to couple of db’s out of a long list. In current scenario repeated permission denied message appears in server.log, so it’s very hard to analyse actual error. Please let me know once we have functionality to specify dbName in source property.