Unable to import from Glue catalog source

I’m facing an error trying to import data from glue catalog to my standalone dremio,
It says “Failure creating/updating source [glue_catalog]”

I was able to import data from s3 of the same account, and my server.log is clean.
My guess is some lack of permission on IAM role, i gave it AWSGlueServiceRole and AWSGlueConsoleFullAccess, is there any I’m missing? or something else i should look at?
Since the glue feature is very new to dremio I’m not finding much about it

Thanks for the help

@yan.borges, is their a corresponding error in Dremio’s logs (server.log, if you are writing your logs to disk)? If so, please reproduce the problem and attach the error stack here so we might get a fuller picture.

I was looking at /opt/dremio/log instead of /var/log/dremio, i found out that was some role issue between glue and the ec2 machine where i’m running dremio, so using my user key it worked, but there’s no data imported, it shows a empty dataset when I do have multiple databases at glue.

Here’s the line of my server.log for this operation:

2020-08-12 18:51:40,291 [start-glue3] INFO  c.d.e.store.hive.HiveStoragePlugin - ORC Zero-Copy enabled.

Dremio console:

My glue console:

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