Unable to stop dremio

Hi Team,

Thanks for this exciting product. Having a great time in exploring it.

Have an issue while stopping dremio. Dremio is working fine but when I check status ‘sudo service dremio status’ then results in ‘dremio not running’ but able to use it through UI. And when I try to stop it then it says ‘no dremio to stop because no pid file /var/run/dremio/dremio.pid’ (No file exists in /var/run/dremio/)

This behavior seems quiet strange to me. Please suggest.

This behavior can happen to any process if you are not the owner of the process.
E.g. started process as one user, but checking as another one.
In your case try to check ownership of the process: ps -aef | grep dremio
And compare to the one that Dremio service should be using.

Running dremio as Root user and checking status from Root only.

what about service dremio - are you sure it’s set to use user root and not other?
Please check dremio.service on your system

Hi @yufeldman Can’t find dremio.service at /etc/systemd/system. Can you please let me know where can I find it?

I advice you to talk to your sys admin about location of the dremio.service if you are able to start/stop, etc. it as a service

@yufeldman In dremio.service user & group is set to ‘root’ and while I try to stop dremio service from root it give me ‘/var/run/dremio/dremio.pid file is present but dremio not running’ while it’s running


Take a look at /opt/dremio/run if it exists and pid is there.

@yufeldman No run directory doesn’t exists

Can you check if /var/run/dremio/dremio.pid contains some pid and it is not the same Dremio is running with? you can check Dremio process by running ps -aef | grep Dremio

If those two pids are different it could be that somehow and sometime ago Dremio was started second time - most likely using /opt/bin/dremio command directly and since then one was killed but not the one that is listed in /var/run/dremio/dremio.pid

I suggest you stop Dremio process manually, remove /var/run/dremio/dremio.pid and start again

@yufeldman Thank you for looking into it. Issue was different pid’s. Appreciate your time.