Unable to use custom-jar(3rdparty) in dremio


We are unable to load the custom-jar file.
Upon debugging we found that the jars are loaded during the startup from conf file “sabot-module.conf”

Base Configuration:
- jar:file:/opt/dremio/jars/dremio-common-1.2.2-201710100154510864-d40e31c.jar!/sabot-default.conf

Intermediate Configuration and Plugin files, in order of precedence:
- jar:file:/opt/dremio/jars/dremio-services-datastore-1.2.2-201710100154510864-d40e31c.jar!/sabot-module.conf

We are unable to locate the sabot-module.conf.
Kindly help us in providing the location for the same.


Not quite sure why you want to get your jar file into sabot-module.conf One thing is to include 3rd party jar on classpath, another thing is for that jar to be used. What do you think will trigger usage of your jar?